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recreationBridgewater Recreation Department
Recreation is an essential part of human life and finds many different forms which are shaped naturally by individual interests but also by the surrounding social construction.  Surplus revenues generated through the Enterprise (Recreation and Pine Meadows Golf Club) helps fund Capital Improvement Projects and financially supports other Town Services including those provided by the Department of Public Works to the aquatic facilities, tennis courts, and golf course, and payment of $100,000 per year towards the Lincoln Park debt.The Division of Student Life fosters student success by creating and promoting inclusive educationally purposeful services and activities within and beyond the classroom. Savvy shoppers who enjoy a look back at retro fashions and mid-century furnishings seek out the seasonal antique and flea market that runs from October through May on the western streets of the mall where a variety of vintage clothing, jewelry and furniture dealers spread out their unique collectibles early Sunday mornings creating a virtual treasure hunt for adventurous early risers.Concord Recreation is committed to serving the needs and interests of everyone in the community-children, adults, senior citizens, and individuals with disabilities.  A recreation specialist would be expected to meet the recreational needs of a community or assigned interest group. Educational institutions offer courses that lead to a degree as a Bachelor of Arts in recreation management. People with such degrees often work in parks and recreation centers in towns, on community projects and activities. In the United States, most states have a professional organization for continuing education and certification in recreation management.Worcester County Department of Recreation & Parks invites you to check out all that we have to offer.  The National Recreation and Park Association administers a certification program called the CPRP (Certified Park and Recreation Professional) 16 that is considered a national standard for professional recreation specialist practices. The Hunt Recreation Center is home to a variety of programs including the After School program, the Summer Day Camp, Basketball and Volleyball.The Recreation Department`s main offices, customer counter and payment window are located in the Takoma Park Community Center. The Wellness Suite brings together staff from UI Wellness, Student Health & Wellness, and Recreational Services for fitness assessments, nutrition counseling and a variety of other wellness offerings. The Hunt Recreation Center has a full-size gym, locker rooms with showers and multipurpose rooms. There`s something for everyone at the state-of-the-art Beede Swim & Fitness Center located adjacent to the Concord Carlisle High School. One 25-yard by 25-meter swimming pool, one deep water diving pool, one warm water therapy pool, one children`s play pool and two state-of-the-art fitness rooms plus, experienced trainers and instructors.
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Bridgewater Township, located at the crossroads of Somerset County, offers its residents many unique and exciting recreation programs for all ages to enjoy. The primary service of the Bridgewater Recreation Department is to provide opportunities for enriching the lives and meeting the recreational needs of Bridgewater Residents. The Recreation Department seeks to promote a spirit of cooperation, build self-esteem, encourage healthy competition and develop lifelong recreational interests among all program participants. Our mission is to provide a variety of quality recreational programs, pristine parks, and facilities to enrich the lives of citizens.We are very proud of our Recreation Center, located in Snow Hill, which hosts many of our programs and is home to our Recreation & Parks staff. The Recreation Department`s main offices, customer counter and payment window are located in the Takoma Park Community Center. The City of Takoma Park`s Recreation Department provides recreational opportunities for all ages! Here you will find information on facilities, events, registration, sports, before and after school programs and many, many more active recreational opportunities to help connect us as a community. Find a storefront with an ample glass window for your antiques and collectibles.The Recreation Department is responsible for planning, organizing, and directing a variety of recreation programs for all ages throughout the year. In addition to recreation seasonal activities and programs, the Department is responsible for fields and pavilions at Belle Ziegler Park, Forest Park, Heffner Park, Lee Jordan Field, Ed Wilhelm Field and Spring Park. Call the The Recreation Department`s Inclement Weather Line to check for weather closure information. Click on a Recreation Center below for details on location, hours of operation, programs offered, and contact information.The Recreation and Parks Department is responsible for the planning, organization and implementation of recreational programs to serve residents of all ages and abilities. The Recreation and Parks Department is responsible for the permitting of all community fields and parks We work closely with various town departments, non profit organizations, and businesses to help improve the fabric of our community.Recreation Centers: Offer a wide variety of programs and facilities; membership is required for entry. We offer many affordable activities and recreation programs for residents to enjoy including swimming , skating , fitness , arts and crafts, sports, camps , special events and much more! Stay connected with Clarington, find out about Council meetings, festivals, events, and recreational opportunities. The purpose of the Parks and Recreation Department is to develop healthy, good citizens through constructive leisure activities.